For companies

Invoicing should be effortless. With Apollo, save hours of labour on labour and lighten your accounting overhead costs.

Running a business is demanding

Efficient running and maintenance of a medium to large business with different departments and various clientele demands clear communication and attention to details. Apollo works for you by automating your invoice and document management sphere, and saves you precious time by smartly generating data to fulfill the document creation process.

A little help is always welcome

Let Apollo manage your clients by sending and tracking the status of estimates and invoices whether they are fully or partially paid. Life’s a breeze when you can quickly access invoices of concern, overdue invoices and other documents easily and without much effort involved. With a simple to edit client database, you can overview your customers and the business you maintain with each client. Services and products provided can also be pre-filled.

Need support to build your business globally? We have international currency support with up to date FOREX rates from the European Central Bank and multilingual invoice support, so your clients can easily understand the services provided, the amount charged and the due date. Furthermore, we also support options such as, for example, reverse charge tax mechanism, so global business is even better facilitated.

The intuitive interface makes invoicing so simple, removing typos or mistakes in the process of business operations. How do we know? Our users tell us! Simplification of high-volume tasks is exactly what we created Apollo for! What's more, there is no extra payment for extra features. You get access to all features with paying one annual cost.

Make it your own

With a personalizable appearance for your invoices, you can use company colours, logos and themes to unify your corporate branding. Plus, fully backed up by our constant software updates, tutorial articles and live support service, feel at ease when you run your business powered by Apollo, an invoicing solution made for you.

Key takeaways

  • More time to focus on important tasks
  • Overview of all issued documents and overdue income
  • Overview of customers and your business with each of them
  • Manage services and items you sell
  • Customizable to your company's brand